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Here are some photos from recent adventures.

We went all Daewon and set up a bench. David peeps game.

Sean peeps game.

Ian filmed some still video of me foot planting at sposm.

Lately we’ve been using rub bricks on ledges. It’s amazing how well they work.

Next victim!

I hath shredded it, haves’t thou?

Sean’s ramp is in rough shape after Steve back lipped through the tree’s support beam.

No amount of rub-bricking can make this skate-able.

Sean and John discuss hippers.

Full-car status on the way to Marble Falls.

John traverses the radical landscape.

Wallie. This one isn’t a make but I wanted to use a shot from this angle.

This one is a make though. Sick!

Back seat lurking.

We swung by Cottonwood Shores to check out the new crete there. Woah.

Pretty big pool. It’s got a death box and a love seat.

Had to hit Storm’s

Josh had an appropriate total.


Relive the Agony

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We have now been skating the bowl section of SPOSM for more than a week. As the ABD list grows and the slam count stacks, I felt it would be a good time to share my collection of photos from the construction. I took a cell phone photo of the progress (sometimes more than one) every time I went to the park. Note that this starts when Grindline came in and restarted construction after the project had been sitting idle for some time. The bowl turned out really well. Despite how hard it was waiting for it, I’m stoked to have such a good park in town.

I Hath (finally) Shredded It, Havest Thou?

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The bowl phase of SPOSM opened yesterday. It’s well-built and lots of fun.

The town already tagged it.

Short rain delay.

Game of S.K.A.T.E.

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Last Tuesday was Go Skate Day. There was a big S.K.A.T.E tournament at the park with a five dollar buy-in winner-take-all format.

Palmer and I filmed the last game and I was going to edit it like The Berrics. When it came time to edit it I thought it might be too boring to bother with. Kind of made me question everything we do on the internet.

The last game was between Bryan and Izzy. This photo of Conor and Izzy playing rock, paper, scissors in the semi finals just came out better.

Like so many contest photos, by the time the thing was over it was getting dark and I had to resort to ugly on-camera flash. Kind of makes it look more like a classic winner shot though. Sweaty dudes smiling and holding up large amounts of cash. Suck it Flickr.

Conor and Izzy’s semifinal game was so brutal that Bryan tipped Conor out for wearing Izzy down before the finals.

Not that Izzy didn’t put up a good fight. He and Bryan are returning champs from the last two years.

Yeah Buddy!

SPOSM No Bowl Contest

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The birthday pool party contest at SPOSM was scheduled for last Saturday. Due to some delays that shouldn’t be a surprise anymore the bowl wasn’t open for it. The contest was instead held on the street course. Regardless of the bummer circumstances, all the locals came out and everybody had a good time.

Sean, David, and Mike came into town Friday to skate.

Saturday brought temperatures in the hundreds for the contest. Keep to the shade.

The Red Bull reps showed up, of course. Good to see the vacation shirt isn’t going anywhere.

Ian and Chris were there too.

John and some shade-clinging children.


Arak’s judging steeze.

Ian getting DSLR footage. VXs are for dinosaurs.

Stay cool/hydrated/cool.

Palmer mid-heat.

I got a lot of clips.

Gavin and Corey post-carnage.

The judges. Deciders of all that is rad.

Corey cleaned up. Yeah buddy!

Getting that shade.

Product toss. Give your friend a black eye for a sticker.

A river sesh was pretty much mandatory.

I hope everybody else had a good weekend.

Ramp Jam

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The Ramp Party at Sean and Ian’s went down Saturday.

An all-around success.

Ramp Jam Birthday Party!

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We are going to have a big jam at the Clawson/El Dopo Ramp this Saturday.